Katy Perry Found Out The Hard Way That Mermaid Costumes And Swivel Chairs Do Not Mix

Mermaid down! Mermaid down!
The American Idol judges (L-R) Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan
The American Idol judges (L-R) Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan
Raymond Liu via Getty Images

Katy Perry fully committed to the Disney theme on this weekend’s American Idol when she dressed up as The Little Mermaid.

However, after being carried to her chair behind the judging panel’s desk – because, well, mermaids can’t walk – the singer quickly found out the hard way that swivel chairs and finned tails really do not mix.

Shortly after taking her seat, host Ryan Seacrest’s face said it all before the cameras quickly panned round to show Katy flat on her back with her mermaid’s tail flapping about in the air.

Katy’s Little Mermaid costume is the latest outfit she’s worn for the annual Disney-themed night.

Since signing on to be a judge on the US show in 2018, the Firework singer has come dressed as Cinderella, Snow White, Ursula, Mrs Dumbo and Tinker Bell.

Maybe pick one with legs next time, Katy?

The singer swapped her mermaid costume for a stunning black Oscar de la Renta gown for Monday night’s Met Gala.

It was a decidedly more understated look than usual for the star, who is well-known for rocking up to the annual fashion bash in some over-the-top outfits.

In 2019, she dressed up as both a chandelier and a cheeseburger for the Camp-themed red carpet event.

Katy Perry at this year's Met Gala
Katy Perry at this year's Met Gala
Cindy Ord/MG22 via Getty Images

Ahead of this year’s event, Katy told Page Six that she intended to switch it up

“You know, it would be pretty obvious for me to go play the kooky, crazy, wild, big, fun, colourful card,” she said last month.

“This time, I’m going to play a whole different card. Maybe I’ll just come in a suit of armour or something. Maybe I’m not even going, because I’m going to send someone the armour and they’re just going to pretend to be me.”


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