Kay Burley Gets Last Laugh On Trolls After Cliff Michelmore Mis-Tweet

'What a time to be alive'
Sy News

Kay Burley has once again proven herself a master troller of the trolls, after accidentally firing off a tweet today mourning the death of Malcolm Muggeridge, a journalist who actually died 26 years ago.

She had meant to send the tweet about Cliff Michelmore, an ex-BBC broadcaster whose death was announced this morning.

But the second she fired off the post, her mistake was quickly seized upon, with many eager to highlight the error.

Such was the mock-outrage and mirth, both Burley and Muggeridge began trending on Twitter.

"What a time to be alive" really summed up the sentiment.

People began posting doctored images of alternate tweets Burley might have posted, including ones of fictional character Helen Daniels from 'Neighbours' and 'Alf'.

Then no-one could resist other suggestions for people, puppets and reptiles for Twitter to mourn.

The Sunday Sport weighed in too...

While one person mused about an announcement Burley might be making to the world in 2042...

But Burley hit back - proving she was never one to take criticism lying down and fending off the trolls herself.

She started nicely...

But soon she was just letting rip...

Burley recently demolished a man who called her "pathetic" in an interview on whether women could be successful working mothers.

The Sky News anchor rebutted pundit Mick Buchanan, leader of the Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) party, when he accused her of making the debate all about her.

She warned him: “Seriously Mike, you’re not doing yourself any favours here, you’re just being disparaging about women."