Kanye West Tweets: The 9 Most Relatable Reactions To His Latest Twitter Storm

He might have been talking *some* sense after all.
PA Wire/PA Images

Kanye West is no stranger to causing a storm on Twitter, but his latest string of tweets have sparked some of the strongest reactions yet.

The rapper came under fire when he voiced his support for Donald Trump, but among his stream of consciousness were some thoughts that were actually pretty relatable to everyday life - something that the people of Twitter wasted no time in pointing out....

1. “I no longer have a manager. I can’t be managed.”

2. “Love is the most powerful force in the universe.”

3. “Whenever someone mentions the word ‘fan’ to me it’s super manipulative. It’s like ‘don’t do or say this because of your fans’ My fans are fans of themselves.”

4. “I feel calm but energized.”

5. “I’m nice at ping pong.”

6. “We’d be a strategic investor. Not just a VC.”

7. “Burn that excel spread sheet.”

8. “I follow the shade room. Please never try to play Ye.”

9. “I’m nobody’s ‘client’.”


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