03/05/2017 12:11 BST

Kelvin MacKenzie Warned Of Police Probe For 'Jeremy Corbyn Knifed To Death' Sun Headline Wish

Suspended columnist sparks fresh anger.

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
Ex-Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie allegedly made his latest comment 'cheerfully'

Labour has warned Kelvin MacKenzie he could expect a police investigation for suggesting his ideal headline would be “Jeremy Corbyn knifed to death by an asylum seeker”. 

A party source censured the suspended Sun columnist, saying his “disgusting language” in an interview with the New York Times made him “unfit to work for any media outlet”. 

MacKenzie is currently suspended from the paper he formerly edited for writing a column that compared Everton FC midfielder Ross Berkley to a gorilla. Berkley has Nigerian heritage. 

MacKenzie wrote of Barkley: 'I get a similar feeling when seeing a gorilla at the zoo'

But MacKenzie came under fresh fire on Tuesday for his reported comments on Corbyn. 

Asked in an interview with the New York Times’ Katrin Bennhold what his ideal Sun headline would be if he were still in charge, MacKenzie is quoted as saying: “I think the fake news headline that would give this country the most joy would be ‘Jeremy Corbyn Knifed to Death by an Asylum Seeker.’”

Bennhold said the columnist answered her question “cheerfully”. 

The journalist added that MacKenzie texted her the following morning, asking:

“Hi Katrin, can you change that perfect headline from ‘Jeremy Corbyn knifed to death by asylum seeker’ to ‘Jeremy Corbyn defrauded by asylum seeker.’ In the light of Jo Cox murder mine is in tol [sic] poor taste.”  

Jo Cox was the Labour MP murdered by convicted neo-Nazi Thomas Mair in the weeks before last year’s EU referendum.

A source close to Corbyn admonished MacKenzie and warned he could face a police probe for his comments. 

“Kelvin MacKenzie’s disgusting language incites violence and hatred and makes him unfit to work for any media outlet,” they said.

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A source close to Jeremy Corbyn has said MacKenzie's comments 'incites violence and hatred'

“This sort of disgusting language should not be tolerated by anyone in the media, politics or any walk of life.

“We saw last year how over heated language in politics led to the murder of Jo Cox.”

Kelvin MacKenzie could find himself reported to the police for inciting hatred and violence against the leader of the opposition.”A Labour source

When MacKenzie was suspended from The Sun last month, its owner News UK released a statement saying his conduct would be “fully investigated”. 

It read: “The Sun’s columnist Kelvin MacKenzie has been suspended from the paper with immediate effect.

“The views expressed by Kelvin Mackenzie about the people of Liverpool were wrong, unfunny and are not the view of the paper.

“The Sun apologises for the offence caused.

“The paper was unaware of Ross Barkley’s heritage and there was never any slur intended.

“Mr Mackenzie is currently on holiday and the matter will be fully investigated on his return.”