Kendall Jenner's Ballet-Themed Vogue Shoot Is Dividing Opinion

Some people think it's 'disrespectful'.

Kendall Jenner has come under fire for her latest shoot with Spanish Vogue.

The reality star-turned-supermodel posed as a ballet dancer for a series of photos and a short video, shot by photographer Miguel Reveriego.

But some professional ballerinas have spoken out about the editorial, calling the concept “disrespectful” to their work.

A writer for magazine Dance Spirit said: “They decided to dress Jenner up in tutus and legwarmers and have her ‘do ballet’, though she’s clearly not ballet trained.

“In the [video] voiceover, she talks about ‘loving being a kid’ and missing childhood; the video is, apparently, a sort of little-girl fantasy on ballerina-ness.”

Many Twitter users seem equally upset at the images too.

“‘Kendall Jenner pretending she knows anything about ballet is truly the most offensive thing of 2016,” one wrote.

Another added they were upset Vogue had hired Jenner for the ballet-themed shoot, as there are “so many talented dancers more capable”.

Following the backlash, Jenner has since removed the option to comment on the above Instagram post.

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