8 Things You Totally Miss Now Your Child Is Back At School


We may have moaned about having our children at home during the holidays - having to constantly entertain them and having even less time to ourselves than normal.

But now they’re back at school, we can’t help but miss the holidays and all the benefits of having them around all the time...

1. Noise.

We don’t remember the house ever being this quiet?

2. Not having to wash school uniforms.

Just leave them in their pyjamas all day.

3. An excuse to have leftover fish fingers for lunch.

Back to terrible, awful, calorie-free salad.

4. No homework.

Back to pretending we understand algebra and aren’t just using the calculator on our phone.

5. Late mornings.

That 6am alarm is not our friend.

6. Relaxed conversations.

Now we’re just arguing about bed time.

7. Lazy breakfasts.

Now we almost break our neck to get them to put their shoes on in time.

8. Not having to wait till Friday for wine.

When does half term start?