'Tired Of Everything And Everyone' – This Kid's Note About Her 100-Year-Old Self Speaks For Us All

"I will order fish tacos... and live my best life with no crap" 🌮

Something tells us Emma Knight has been spending a lot of time with her grandparents. The youngster was set a task in class asking what she’ll be doing with her life when she’s 100 years old – and nobody could have predicted such a brilliant response.

“When I turn 100 years old I will be tired of everything and everyone,” wrote Emma.

“I will tell everyone I’m going to Canada but actually go to the Bahamas. I’ll live in a tiny hut with my tiny dog.”

But then came the line that we will all remember forever more: “I will order fish tacos when I’m hungry and live my best life with no crap.” Iconic.

The note was originally shared by the Ramblin Mama Facebook page in February but has since been reposted by Feminista Jones, author of Reclaiming Our Space, who tweeted: “Protect Emma at all costs.”

With major political uncertainty (ahem, Brexit) and a news cycle filled with doom, Emma’s “I will be tired of everything and everyone” line has certainly struck a chord.

On reflection, it turns out Emma’s note was pretty optimistic. When other kids were asked what they’d be up to when they turn 100, the answers were a little more... Grave.

Emma for Prime Minister?