17/12/2018 12:25 GMT

15 Tweets Summing Up The Struggle To Contain Overexcited Kids Before Christmas

When. Will. It. Stop?

It’s the week before Christmas and parents are more concerned about their ever-increasing to-do-list than the excitement of the big day itself.

Kids, on the other hand, have no shame. As soon as December hits, all they’re thinking about is Santa and presents and elves and Santa and Christmas. And presents. PRESENTS. Three weeks in and it gets pretty exhausting.

So, with a week to go till Christmas Eve, here are a few tweets summing up the struggle to contain your kids’ excitement.

The biggest issue is the fact they wake up early – almost. every. day.

And when they’re awake, their energy levels are far too high

So high, in fact, that they open their presents early

They even have their own social calendar in December

Thankfully, they expend some Christmas energy at school, too

But let’s be honest, their excitement isn’t always a drag

And if it does get too much – here’s a little tip