11/08/2017 09:45 BST

Kim Kardashian Defends Herself After being Shamed By Parents Over Photo Of Her Son Saint In A Car Seat

Many claimed Saint shouldn't be in a forward-facing seat.

Kim Kardashian has defended herself after she was shamed by parents for a photo of her 18-month-old son Saint in his car seat.

The reality star, who is also mum to four-year-old North with her husband Kanye West, was criticised for having her son in a forward-facing seat back in June.

At the time, people commented on the photo saying it was “unsafe” and claiming Saint should be in a forward-facing seat until he is two years old. 

In a video titled ‘Facts’ uploaded to Kardashian’s YouTube channel, she said: “I took a photo of Saint and he was sitting forward so they say for his age, he should be rear-facing.

“But what people didn’t know is that Saint is now the weight and the height requirement to sit forward-facing.

“Saint weighs more than North if that is believable. He does and it is wild.”

Well that cleared that up, then.

UK law states for height-based seats (also known as ‘i-Size’ seats), children must be rear-facing until they are over 15 months old.

“Your child can use a forward-facing child car seat when they’re over 15 months old,” it states.

On weight-based seats, the law states a child must be rear-facing until they are 9kg. After this, they can be rear- or forward-facing using a harness. 

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) states on their website: “Babies can move into a forward-facing car seat (Group 1) seat when they reach 9kg; but it is safer to leave them rear-facing until they are 13kg or 15 months old.

“Don’t feel in a rush to turn your child’s car seat forward-facing too soon. Seats that let you keep your child rear-facing until the age of four are becoming more common.”

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