Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals How She Does Her Own Makeup

'Does anyone else put foundation all over their lips?'

Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials are some of the most-watched around. So it’s no wonder the woman herself finally cashed in on all the interest.

The reality star has been the subject of many makeup artist makeovers, but has never revealed how she paints her own face... until now.

In a new 10-minute video shared on her app and YouTube channel, Kardashian shares how she gets herself ready while “on the road” without a glam squad to hand.

Kim Kardashian

Watch the clip above to discover her super-quick beauty routine and favourite products.

“Crazy” revelations include Kimmy-K sometimes forgets to wash her face (same), puts foundation all over her lips (just like our 17-year-old selves), and applies makeup the back of her neck (no idea).

Oh, and her “getting ready” playlist? Kanye West, of course.

Kim Kardashian

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