Kim Kardashian Face Swaps With Daughter North, Thinks It's The Cutest Thing Ever

'This is what North's going to look like when she's older!'

Kim Kardashian now has an image of what she thinks her two-year-old will look like when she grows up, thanks to Snapchat.

The mum-of-two used the latest Snapchat filter that enables you to face swap with any photo in your camera roll.

Picking three different photos of North West, Kardashian initially said it was "so weird".

But then she couldn't stop.


"You guys, this is so weird, I'm face swapping with North," Kardashian said on camera.

"This is what she's going to look like when she's older!

"It's kinda weird."


But the mum soon goes from finding it weird, to absolutely loving it.

"I love me as North!" she said on the final face swap.

"Oh my God I have to show this to her.

"Look how cute she is!"


We hope Saint is also going to get his chance to shine on a Kim Kardashian face swap soon.

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