24/04/2017 17:38 BST

This 'Flying Car' Might Be The Closest Thing To A Podracer Ever Built


A ‘flying car’ firm has revealed footage of a futuristic vehicle that might be the closest thing to a podracer you’ll ever be able to buy.

Kitty Hawk, which counts Google founder Larry Page as an investor, says a consumer version of the electric aircraft will go on sale this year.

And because the Flyer is classified as an ultralight aircraft, pilots won’t require a license to fly it – at least not in the US.

The Flyer, which is designed to be flown above water, is one of a number of flying vehicles set to be launched over the next few months.

AeroMobil is set to open pre-orders on its first commercially available car-plane hybrid by the end of the year.

And people in Dubai will be able to travel around in driverless quadcopters as soon as this July.