Larry Page

A ‘flying car’ firm has revealed footage of a futuristic vehicle that might be the closest thing to a podracer you’ll ever
There are five things that Google does well that you too can implement to help you to build a successful life/business: 1
Google co-founder Larry Page's bank accounts are swollen to around the tune of $32 billion (£19.4 billion) - but he doesn't
Google has infuriated millions of Gmail users by apparently making it possible to email anyone on Google+ - even if you don't
There actually is a site called! But conspiracy theories aside, just think of it - Google already owns Gmail, YouTube, Orkut, Android, GoogleDrive, Chrome and is the most used search engine. Everything personal in nature that you have shared in any of these is stored somewhere.
Say what you will about Google - you can't deny their ambition. Chief executive, Larry Page, has announced the company are
Whilst there are 1001 reasons to Google's current success, a key constant that has precluded any form of even temporary demise is their ability to actualise impossibilities through ignoring the plausibility of ideas.
Something strange has happened. Basically, nerds rock. No, I'm not talking about how it's suddenly okay to like comics, Star Trek and thick-rimmed glasses. This isn't about superficial hipster geek chic. I'm talking about a genuine, meaningful cultural shift.
Google's keynote speech at its annual I/O Conference was a mixed bag. Yes, we got updates to Google Maps, the Play store