8 Things Which Lasted Longer Than Kwasi Kwarteng's Time In Office

The government has just appointed its fourth chancellor of the year.
Kwasi Kwarteng was fired on October 14
Kwasi Kwarteng was fired on October 14
Victoria Jones - PA Images via Getty Images

Kwasi Kwarteng has been fired from the Treasury, after only 38 days in office.

During that time, the pound slumped to a new low in value against the US dollar, the Bank of England had two emergency interventions to stabilise the UK market and Kwarteng U-turned on some of his economic policies – quite the legacy.

Within minutes of his sacking, Kwarteng was replaced by Jeremy Hunt, making it the UK’s fourth chancellor in fourth months.

Kwarteng’s time in office makes him the chancellor with the second shortest stint in the Treasury, beaten only by Iain Macleod, who died after 30 days in the post.

Aside from all bar one of the country’s previous chancellors, here’s a list of everything that the internet has realised lasted longer than Kwarteng’s stint in the job.

1. Some menstrual cycles

It’s not even uncommon for some cycles to last up to 40 days.

2. David Blaine’s 44 days in a glass box

The famous magician spent 44 days in a glass box with only water above the Thames back in 2003.

3. Larry the cat’s time in Downing Street

To be fair, the feline has outlasted four prime ministers, too.

4. A section 21 eviction notice

This is the law in England demanding that landlords provide tenants with at least two months of notice before evicting them.

5. B&Q’s returns

B&Q have a returns policy of 90 days – that’s three months.

6. Milk – but presumably only long-life

Long-life milk can last between six to nine months if unopened.

7. A honey bee’s life span

A male honey bee (or a drone bee) only lives up to 55 days.

Some other ways to look at it....

This means there’s now been the same number of Tory chancellors in 2022 as Labour has had since 1967.

If Kwarteng gets the usual ministerial severance payment, it will be “more than double” what he actually earned while chancellor, according to this BBC journalist.

It also means the UK has had four chancellors since July, in a cost of living crisis.

And what about when you consider the 10-day period of national mourning when politics ground to halt? That would make Kwarteng’s tenure only 28 days.


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