kwasi kwarteng

The prime minister surprised many by doing his job and turning up at a summit of energy bosses - but achieved nothing.
Boris Johnson always rewarded loyalty, will his foreign secretary follow suit?
Kwasi Kwarteng: "I'm the business secretary, I’m here in your studio, I'm in a suit, I’m not on holiday."
The prime minister has admitted this week that he met the former KGB agent without officials.
Millions of households could face power cuts this winter because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ministers have been warned.
The business secretary said the government can act "unilaterally" to preserve peace in Northern Ireland.
BP and Shell are expected to unveil bumper payouts for shareholders this week.
Kwasi Kwarteng said: "I don't think there's a culture of misogyny I think the problem we have is that people are working in a really intense environment."
The business secretary said the plan was "more of a medium term answer" to the cost of living crisis.
The business secretary also accused critics of "attacking" Akshata Murty to get at the chancellor.