kwasi kwarteng

Prime minister fires closest ally in bid to rescue leadership.
The former Rishi Sunak supporter had criticised Liz Truss's economic plans during the Tory leadership contest.
The chancellor had been in America for a meeting of the International Monetary Fund.
The Money Saving Expert beat competition from “international treasure” David Attenborough to win Best Expert at the ceremony.
The chancellor also failed to rule out he is set to U-turn on his mini-budget.
The prime minister is under pressure to reverse her planned tax cuts in a bid to end the economic turmoil.
Despite market turmoil, business secretary suggests chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng could ignore crucial economic forecasts.
One backbencher said the PM's supporters were "libertarian Jihadists who are wrecking the party" after a grim 1922 Committee meeting.
The prime minister is faced with a series of horrible choices.