Liz Truss Savaged By Journalists In Brutal Press Conference: 'How Come You Get To Stay?'

The prime minister was grilled after performing yet another mini-budget U-turn.
Liz Truss endured an awkward press conference in Downing Street.
Liz Truss endured an awkward press conference in Downing Street.
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Liz Truss was asked “how come you get to stay” in a brutal press conference following her latest mini-budget U-turn.

The prime minister announced that the government was scrapping its plans to freeze corporation tax, just two hours after sacking chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

She has already dumped plans to abolish the 45p tax rate for the highest earners following the brutal market reaction to the mini-budget.

Ben Riley-Smith, political editor of the Daily Telegraph, asked her: “Can you explain to the public why you should remain as prime minister, given you junked a key tax cut that led you to be elected and got rid of your chancellor?”

The PM replied: “I’m absolutely determined to see through what I’ve promised, to deliver a higher growth, more prosperous United Kingdom to see us through the storm we face.”

Sun political editor Harry Cole then asked: “You were the one who wanted to cut the 45p rate, you stood on a platform to win the leadership of the Conservative Party on a platform to cut corporation tax, you and the ex-chancellor designed the budget together, in lock-step, at times in secret, the two of you.

“He has to go because of the fallout from it, how come you get to stay?”

The prime minister replied: “My priority is making sure we deliver the economic stability that our country needs. That’s why I had to take the difficult decisions that I have taken today.

“The mission remains the same. We do need to raise our country’s economic growth levels, we do need to deliver for people across the country.”

Truss appeared unsure of herself as she chose the journalists she wanted to take questions from.

BBC political editor Chris Mason said: “Excuse the bluntness, prime minister, but given everything that has happened, what credibility do you have to continue governing?”

Once again, the PM said she had acted to guarantee “economic stability”, without addressing the question she was asked.

Finally, ITV political editor Robert Peston asked: “The former Tory chancellor, Philip Hammond, has just said that you have totally trashed the Tory Party’s election-winning reputation for economic competence. Will you apologise to your party?”

Once again dodging the question, Truss replied: “I am determined to deliver on what I set out when I campaigned to be party leader.

“We need to have a high growth economy, but we need to recognise that we are facing very difficult issues as a country, and it was right in the national interest that I’ve made the decisions I’ve made today to restore that economic stability.”

Tory MPs contacted by HuffPost UK were unimpressed by Truss’ performance.

One described the press conference as “dire”, while another said it was “dreadful”.


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