kwasi kwarteng

One backbencher said the PM's supporters were "libertarian Jihadists who are wrecking the party" after a grim 1922 Committee meeting.
The prime minister is faced with a series of horrible choices.
Chancellor warned Conservative MPs are not guaranteed to vote for his fiscal plan.
Number 10 insists Liz Truss still backs the measures contained in Kwasi Kwarteng's disastrous mini-budget.
Kwasi Kwarteng has "lost all credibility and control", says Labour.
Yields on long-dated gilts have risen back up since the Bank of England's intervention to prevent pension funds collapsing.
In another U-turn, the medium terms fiscal plan has been brought forward from November 23.
The prime minister's first month has seen a disastrous budget, a financial crisis, Labour surge in the polls and a chaotic Tory conference.
The government has insisted that global factors were responsible for the plummeting pound and soaring interest rates.
The prime minister said her opponents were "wrong wrong wrong".