A Bad Day For Liz Truss – But Twitter Has Been Very Good

From Michael Gove trolling to that The Thick Of It quote, the best moments on social media amid the chaos.
Liz Truss during a press conference in the briefing room at Downing Street.
Liz Truss during a press conference in the briefing room at Downing Street.
Daniel Leal via PA Wire/PA Images

Another day, another round of Tory chaos.

But while the pound bounces around the bottom and mortgage rates surge, the slither of a silver lining is the quality of the content on Twitter.

On Friday, the catastrophic mini-budget struck again as Liz Truss sacked her chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng as she abandoned plans to freeze corporation tax.

Part of a desperate attempt to save her premiership saw Truss appoint Jeremy Hunt as Kwarteng’s replacement in the Treasury, which was followed by a press conference that was as short as it was unapologetic.

Many political reporters, speaking to Tory MPs, suggested the media briefing – eight minutes, just four questions – made things worse. You can see why they might say that.

Speaking of time, here’s a handy refresher.

For reference, the UK has now had four chancellors since July.

Meanwhile, the new chancellor didn’t get off to the best start.

And there was a reminder not to stand too close to either of the top two in government ...

... especially if they are indulging in a spot of campanology.

And Britain appeared to be living up to its ‘Normal Island’ nickname.

Back in his constituency, Truss critic Michael Gove was getting on with business.

No, there was absolutely no trolling going on as the former cabinet minister referred to “trip hazards”, “strong leadership”, “funding pressures” and “recruitment and retention”.

And Ed Miliband had been saving one in the chamber for seven years.

As ever, The Thick Of It got there first.

And soon came the memes.


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