The Love-In Between Kylie Minogue And Hobbycraft Wimbledon Has Officially Made Our Week

“When Hobbycraft Wimbledon goes Padam Padam, they go FULL OUT!"
Kylie Minogue and the Hobbycraft Wimbledon team
Kylie Minogue and the Hobbycraft Wimbledon team

With a Padam-ic still sweeping the nation thanks to Kylie Minogue, there’s one part of it that has really warmed our hearts over the last few weeks.

By now, you’ll probably be aware of the phenomenon that is the Australian singer’s latest single Padam Padam, and the many, many memes and remixes it has spawned on social media.

Among them was an especially brilliant one from the team at Hobbycraft in Wimbledon, London.

Using fabric from the crafting store, the gang fabulously recreated the Padam Padam video on TikTok

The video soon blew up, attracting more than 600k views, and coverage on meme accounts like Hunsnet.

At the time, Kylie commented on the video: “YES Hobbycraft! (Is there anything left in the remnant box??!!).”

They responded: “For you we can always find something. You need to pay us a visit.”

Kylie then name-checked the Hobbycraft team during a radio interview

During an appearance on Kiss FM, Kylie gave a special shout-out to the Hobbycraft crew as she discussed the Padam Padam memes with presenter Harriet Rose.

“There’s an amazing one, which was, big up Hobbycraft Wimbledon massive. I mean, hilarious,” Kylie said.

“They committed to this routine, four staff. This is the first time I’ve like said it, I’ve talked about it with my friends, but when they hear this, you did a great job.”

The Hobbycraft Wimbledon massive were stunned by Kylie’s words

They posted a TikTok duet video showing them reacting to Kylie’s comments about their video, which was adorable.

But that isn’t the best bit...


#duet with @Hobbycraft Wimbledon #hobbycraft When Hobbycraft Wimbledon goes ❤️ Padam Padam ❤️ they go FULL OUT!

♬ Padam Padam - Kylie Minogue

Kylie paid the Hobbycraft crew the ultimate compliment by filming a duet video of her own with them.

“When Hobbycraft Wimbledon goes Padam Padam they go FULL OUT!” she wrote.

“We are living for this,” the team responded, while Hobbycraft’s parent TikTok account also wrote: “This is the duet we’ve been living for. Can we make it a reality in real life?”

Someone get Kylie to Wimbledon ASAP.


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