Labour Leadership Election Debate: Watch Live As Jeremy Corbyn Clashes With Owen Smith

Watch Live: Corbyn And Smith Debate

Jeremy Corbyn takes on Owen Smith in a live head-to-head Labour leadership debate on Thursday evening. You can watch it live here.

The pair will face-off amid a war of words over whether or not the party will split following once a leader has been chosen.

Smith has explicitly warned of a break-up. He told The Huffington Post there was “every likelihood” of a split should Corbyn be re-elected.

However Corbyn said today no Labour MP “would ever dream of walking away from the family of the Labour Party”.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell accused Smith of trying to “blackmail” Labour members into voting for him.

The debate will take place following the publication of a YouGov poll for The Times which puts the Conservatives on 42% with Labour on 28 - a lead of 14% for Theresa May. It is the biggest gap recorded by the company since November 2009.

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