Last Night Of The Proms: Brexiters And Remainers In Angry Flag Clash Ahead Of Iconic British Event

'This one has been around longer than yours - and it's better looking.'

Incensed EU campaigners have clashed in London, as they prepare for flag warfare at the Last Night of the Proms.

People were competing to distribute Union Jack and EU flags outside the Royal Albert Hall after concerns the annual musical event could be “hijacked” by political protesters.

One Remainer was tackled for handing out the EU flag in a bid to get people to wave it inside the venue.

“British, European and lesbian”

- A flag-waving protestor

“This one has been around longer than yours,” a man clad in a red jacket distributing Union Jacks shouted at him.

He added: “And this one is better designed than yours as well.”

The pro-Remain campaigner was undeterred and continued his effort to give away the flags, at one point shouting “supported by the Musicians’ Union” - a group that opposed Brexit and represents 90% of those playing tonight.

Another woman, clad in a St George’s cross outfit, stood on the steps leading up to the Royal Albert Hall enthusiastically waving an EU flag and repeatedly shouting: “British, European and lesbian”.

Others posted pictures from inside the event. Academic Franck Pichaud posed for a photo with his EU flag - and French wine.

Remain campaigners had struck the first blow when 60 backers donated £1,175 to a Crowdfunder to buy 5,000 blue EU flags.

The fundraiser said that Saturday’s Last Night Of The Proms “feels an appropriate venue to show UK solidarity with the EU”.

But Brexiters struck back - with Leave.EU founder and multimillionaire Ukip donor Aaron Banks pledging £10,000 to foot costs for Union Jacks to be distributed outside the event.

Banks told the Daily Telegraph he wanted those attending the Proms to instead “wave the union flag with pride and throw away the star spangled banner of oppression by casting aside the illegitimate EU flag.”