Laura Tobin Makes Early Entry For TV Blooper Of 2021 With Inappropriate Mix-Up On GMB

Not what we expected to hear on this morning's weather forecast.

We’re only six days into 2021, but Laura Tobin has already served up a TV blooper guaranteed to make many end-of-year lists.

The Good Morning Britain weather presenter had an unfortunate slip-up as she delivered the forecast on Wednesday’s edition of the ITV breakfast show.

Laura was trying to discuss the sleet and snow in the south east of the country, when she tripped over her words and accidentally announced the arrival of some “slutty deposits”.

She told viewers: “It’s now slowly turning back to sleet and rain, but [making] a very slutty, slushy, deposits.”

Laura Tobin
Laura Tobin

While Laura did try to correct herself, she ended up just repeating the same mistake, before getting her forecast back on track.

It’s not the only NSFW blooper that has aired on daytime TV since the new year began, however.

After showing a photo of Jonathan having makeup applied to his bum on the set of the period drama, Lorraine joked: “That’s got to be one of the best jobs in the world.

“That’s the wee lady who is… I think they call it fluffing. Is that what they do?”

Unfortunately for Lorraine, that is not what “fluffing” means, and she was left giggling after being informed of its true meaning.

Through her laughs, Lorraine added: “My phone has gone nuts!”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV, with Lorraine following at 9am.


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