03/08/2017 11:17 BST

Leah Bracknell Shares Emotional Poem 10 Months After Revealing Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

'I spy me a sky full of blessings coming my way.'

Leah Bracknell has shared an emotional poem on her Facebook page, 10 months after revealing that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The ex-’Emmerdale’ star has been incredibly open with fans in the time since her initial diagnosis, and her new post comes three months after Leah hinted that she was using medical marijuana to ease symptoms.

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Leah in April 

The poem reads:

I got me a butterfly net
to catch me all the love and beauty and wishes and dreams and
black cat kinda luck
And fire in my belly,
honey in my heart kind of memories that melt my sweet heart
And take away the pain.
I spy me a sky full of blessings coming my way.
Net at the ready, I raise my head for a kiss.
And here they come.”

The actress shared it on her page alongside a painting of a girl holding a butterfly net: 

Leah spoke of her shock at being diagnosed with terminal cancer back in October 2016, when she also began raising funds for pioneering treatment overseas.

However, Leah then discovered that she would not need to travel to Germany as she was eligible to receive targeted biological therapy here in the UK.

She later discussed how the stage four lung cancer diagnosis had an unexpected positive impact on her life.

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Leah found fame playing Zoe Tate in 'Emmerdale' 

“I am going to choose to make positive decisions, I am going to choose to embrace life and I’m going to choose to be thankful that I have life, because I might not have done,” she told the ‘Loose Women’ panel in February.

“I didn’t want doctors to ‘guesstimate’ what they thought my prognosis could be. It is based on statistics that could be out of date and not about my age or type of cancer.

“I don’t wake up every day feeling fearful - I wake up feeling grateful and feeling happy.”