lung cancer

Around 20,300 fewer people were referred for suspected lung cancer in England since the pandemic began, compared to the same period the year before.
A 73-year-old has said a manicure saved her life after her beautician spotted her nails were "bent right over".
The Zoe Tate actor died three years after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.
It is thought to be the eighth most common cause of cancer-related death in the UK.
The UK has the poorest five-year survival rate for five out of seven cancers, including bowel and lung.
Former cricketer Andrew Strauss is leading the charge, dressed in a bright red suit – all in memory of his late wife Ruth.
Roger Charlery, aka Ranking Roger, has died at the age of 56. Famous as the frontman of The Beat, Roger had been diagnosed with lung cancer and two brain tumours following a stroke in the summer of 2018. He continued to perform with the band. His career saw performances with a host of different acts including Sting and The Clash.
There is a level of shame when it comes to disease, a perception of immigrant failure comes to mind