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Leah Bracknell Hints At Use Of Marijuana To Ease Cancer Symptoms

'Research and listening to your own needs are crucial on this journey, we are all different, we all respond in different ways.'

Ex-’Emmerdale’ star Leah Bracknell has hinted that she is using marijuana to ease her cancer symptoms, following her diagnosis with terminal lung cancer, back in October 2016.

The soap star has spoken candidly about the diagnosis on a number of occasions and in a post on her Facebook page, she’s now discussed the use of “alternative” therapies to help various symptoms.

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Leah Bracknell 

She writes: “The way I see it, is that you have to look every which way to find out what works best for YOU. What I reject is the notion of a ‘cure’.

“If I buy into that thinking, which is that there is none in my particular case , then I am lost before I even begin, as is everyone else with a diagnosis that is ‘incurable and inoperable’ in the eyes of the medical profession here in the UK.

The concept of finding healing on my journey is something in which I can be active and proactive, one that gives me hope of contributing to my own process of healing, rather than await whatever the professionals prescribe,” she continues, hinting at the use of alternative therapies. ”I can get out there and make sure my life, is exactly that, MY life.”

Making it clear that she’s discussing marijuana, Leah adds: “I cannot say as it’s illegal in this country, tho not in 23 states in America. Incidentally, Queen Victoria was prescribed it for menstrual cramps. So, it comes with a royal seal of approval 

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Leah found fame playing Zoe Tate in 'Emmerdale' 

“Research and listening to your own needs are crucial on this journey, we are all different, we all respond in different ways.

“I just know, that I am open to all suggestions as they might just open a door that reveals itself to be healing and inspiring in ways that I couldn’t imagine.

“Because, whatever the professionals decide to tell me, it is I, who am in charge of how my life flows, and no one can take away the joy and magic and beauty that I continue to see as I look around, in vibrant colours. No one can take away how delicious life can taste. Not if I don’t let them.”

Numerous scientific studies have previously investigated the use of cannabis to ease various medical ailments, and a 2010 animal study found that it could even be capable of shrinking cancer cells, specifically brain tumours.

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Leah in October 2016, shortly after announcing her diagnosis 

Respected professor and former government drugs adviser Professor David Nutt has discussed the medical benefit of the drug on numerous occasions, previously describing it as being “generally thought to be the oldest medicine in the world”.

Leah has made a series of television appearances since her diagnosis, the most recent being in February 2017.

Speaking on ‘Loose Women’, she said: “I feel positive about life. You get told that they can’t do anything to help you and I’m thinking, ‘What do I do now?’

“I can’t change the diagnosis, but I can choose how I respond. Initially you are in complete meltdown. I didn’t tell anyone for two or three days while I tried to think of a way to tell them positively.”

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