28/06/2018 14:53 BST

Leah Bracknell Praises NHS As She Shares Health Update

'For all our sakes, the NHS needs saving.'

Leah Bracknell has praised the NHS while offering an update on her health, nearly two years after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

The ex-’Emmerdale’ star has been sharing updates on her blog and in the latest entry, she explains that she has “a needle and catheter inserted into my back between my 3rd and 4th ribs draining what will be a litre of fluid from the pleural lining of my lung”.

Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Leah Bracknell 

Praising her doctor, Leah writes: “His accent places him in the region of the Philippines. Like so many of his NHS colleagues I have had the good fortune to meet, who come from South East Asia, Thailand, Africa, the West Indies, eastern Europe,  Spain, Greece, India, China, Hong Kong.

“I am grateful he made the journey to work here, healing the sick of Great Britain.”

“Clearly we cannot sustain this great and wonderful institution alone. Our global friends are a intrinsic to its health. And for all our sakes the NHS, needs saving, before the disease of neglect and lack of funding and secretive selling off kills it off once and for all.

“Where would we be, where would I be without it? Not here and now, that’s for sure.”

Leah first publicly discussed her diagnosis in October 2016 and has shared many updates on her health since.

In one post, she shared a self-penned poem and painting while an appearance on ’Loose Women’ saw her explain how her diagnosis had an unexpected positive impact on her life.

In August 2017, Leah’s partner Jez revealed that the actress was pursuing alternative therapies as her treatment had not been working.