Left Your Christmas Present Shopping Till The Last Saturday? Join The Club

When will we EVER learn?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – that is, if you’ve already done all your Christmas shopping. Otherwise it’s a stressful hellscape about to wage war on your bank account. Apologies.

Take comfort in the fact you aren’t the only person who has left all their essential gift buying to a couple of days before Christmas – and subsequently volunteered themselves for a stressful AF weekend ahead.

Seeing as you’ve left it this late, you might as well take another minute out of your day to read these comforting tweets and realise you’re not alone.

Some people are starting to get a little stressed by it...

Other people are just in complete denial about what they need to be doing

And some have just given up all together

One thing we’ve all got in common is promising never to do this again...

We’ll see about that.

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