Leopard Print Hair Is Trending, Here's Everything You Need To Know About It

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A beauty trend for feline lovers (and the brave) has arrived: Leopard print hair.

A photo of the statement-making โ€˜do was recently shared on Instagram by salon Bleach London, and it quickly racked up more than 7,000 likes and queries from people wanting to try the trend.

So we spoke to Eric Pascarelli, the hair stylist behind the โ€˜do to get the lowdown.

Def Leppard by @erikpascarelli

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What inspired the new look?

โ€œThe idea for the look came from my client. Although I have always wanted to try it myself.

โ€œI remember as a child obsessing over the idea of being able to have pink and yellow leopard print hair when I grew up.โ€

How did you create it?

โ€œI achieved the leopard print by first bleaching my modelโ€™s hair. After I had this clean base I toned it with Wella Colour Touch. I use Wella Toners for the pattern colours.โ€

How did you come up with the name?

โ€œWe named it Def Leppard on Instagram because it feels a bit more catchy and less generic than โ€˜leopard print pattern hairโ€™ - or something to that effect.

โ€œBleach is known for its grungy, cool rock vibe and we stay very true to that.โ€

How do you maintain it?

โ€œYou can continue to have the pattern painted over once it fades, but the main reason I used toners is because they last a lot longer than a vegetable dye would.

โ€œFor the bleaching part, me and my client plan to wait for it to grow out enough so that we can shave it off and apply a new pattern - purely because buzzcut hair is too short to try and bleach the โ€˜rootsโ€™ of.

โ€œA colour save shampoo will help make it last a little longer, but really itโ€™s sort of up to the client as to when they feel like it looks to grown out and the pattern begins to fade.โ€

Here are few others whoโ€™ve tried and tested the trend with success:

Had so much fun with this today! #hairbyelysevenezia #aveda #avedacolor #avedapunks #leopardprinthair

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Having fun with color at the salon today! #leopardprint

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I had fun coloring this cute girl's hair yesterday #fashioncolor #leopardprinthair #leopardprint

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