Incredible Moment Baby Sees Mother Clearly For The First Time Thanks To New Glasses

So many emotions.

The heartwarming moment a four-month-old baby with a rare eye condition was able to see his mum clearly for the first time has been caught on camera.

Leopold Wilbur Reppond has a condition called oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) that causes poor vision.

His parents, David and Erin Reppond, from Seattle, got their son a pair of glasses so he'd be able to see them both properly on a day-to-day basis.

"Hi honey," Mrs Reppond says as she puts the glasses on her son.


Leopold's dad, who was filming the moment, said he was overwhelmed with emotion when he saw his son smile.

"I had some issues holding the camera because I was crying so much," he told the MailOnline.

"It’s just very touching. You cannot anticipate how you’re going to feel when something like that happens. It was very heartwarming."

According to the NHS, a person with oculocutaneous albinism is missing the pigment from their irises, which is the coloured part of the eye.

This may lead to a number of eye conditions, including impaired vision and sensitivity to light.


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