12/05/2017 15:11 BST

This 'Let's Make June The End Of May' Tote Bag Lets You Make A Gender Neutral Political Style Statement

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As the general election fast approaches we’ve discovered a way for people to stylishly show their opposition to the Conservative party. 

Created in a gender neutral design, this ‘Let’s Make June The End Of May’ tote bag, makes a political style statement for a very good cause. 

Designer Bethany Wells is donating £1 from every sale of this accessory in the run-up to the general election (8 June) to the Trussell Trust - a charity that works to prevent hunger and poverty in the UK. 

“I saw a tweet with #LetsMakeJuneTheEndOfMay hashtag on; someone had replied to the original tweet saying ‘when can I get that on a t-shirt?’, and it gave me the idea,” Wells told HuffPost UK

“I knew I’d have to move quickly and luckily I know some great printers in Leeds who have quick turnarounds.

“We’re just onto our second batch now; I sold the first 100 within a week. The next 200 are on their way next week.”

Wells is impassioned about getting people discussing politics in everyday situations, and she uses particular colours to project people’s values.

“I loved the idea of getting political conversations offline and into the street, homes, buses, trains and workplaces,” Wells explained. 

“I decided on bags because I felt people would be more comfortable taking them into work, standing at the bus stop with them etc.

“The colours were chosen to represent ‘progressive alliance’ colours - not specific party colours but suggesting the values of Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Green parties.

“Each bag includes a donation to the Trussell Trust, so even if the bags don’t succeed in changing the political landscape, we will still have created a real impact.”

Sold for £6, the bags are available to buy online

The Labour party are also selling a tote bag to make a style statement too - priced at £5 and available to buy online


Not to be outdone, the Conservatives have created several tote bag designs, and all are available to buy online


Living up to Wells’ original intention, her bag has already prompted discussion on social media about politics in the UK. 

‘Laynes Espresso’ coffee shop in Leeds was sent a bag, which they then posted a pic of one of their staff members using on Instagram on Thursday 11 May.

“I have no idea who sent this to the shop...but have you got anymore?” they wrote. 

After receiving some criticism from commenters, the coffee shop worker has opened up a dialogue about politics. 

“Arguably it’s a light hearted raising of the incredibly important issue that we currently face,” she wrote. 

“My opinion hasn’t been forced on anyone, people can observe the post and move on, ‘take it or leave it’ if you like. These same people are still absolutely welcome into the shop.

“My political leanings/concerns/opinions existed well before owning a business, cool or not.”

I have no idea who sent this to the shop...but have you got anymore?? #letsmakejunetheendofmay #leeds

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