Richard Madeley Admits Even He Was 'Confused' By Liam Payne's Accent During GMB Interview

Liam went viral this week after not sounding like his usual self during an interview at an Oscars after-party.

Good Morning Britain anchor Richard Madeley has admitted that even he was left baffled by Liam Payne’s accent during Monday’s edition of the daytime show.

Earlier in the week, the former One Direction star was interviewed by a GMB correspondent on the red carpet of an Oscars after-party, where he discussed the already-infamous moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the ceremony.

However, it wasn’t what Liam had to say that raised eyebrows, but the way he said it. Or, more specifically, the accent he said it in.

Liam’s GMB interview quickly went viral on social media, as viewers attempted to decipher exactly what accent the Wolverhampton-born musician was using, which sounded like a hybrid of Welsh, Irish, American and Scandinavian, with a bit of his own usual twang thrown in for good measure.

On Tuesday morning, Richard and Susanna Reid discussed the moment, with the anchor admitting he initially didn’t even realise that it was Liam who was speaking due to his confusing accent.

“He’s gone all Hollywood,” Susanna joked, while Richard admitted: “It’s confusing – we actually weren’t quite sure who he was, because he didn’t sound like him.”

Richard Madeley has admitted he found Liam's new accent "confusing"
Richard Madeley has admitted he found Liam's new accent "confusing"
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Speaking on Monday’s GMB, Liam said: “I believe whatever [Will Smith] felt that he did, he had the right to do. I also felt like there were three losers in one fight... It’s a very sad thing.”

Seemingly referencing Will’s subsequent acceptance speech after he won Best Actor for his role in King Richard, the Strip That Down singer continued: “It was a powerful moment for me to watch one of the world’s best emoters ever we’ve seen speak from the heart, and I would rather take the beauty out of the situation than the pain.”

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