Liberal Democrats And Conservatives' Argued Over Brexit, David Cameron And Theresa May Without Using Words

A tragedy in 7 tweets.

The Liberal Democrats and Tories argued using just photos in what may be the best political Twitter spat of 2016.

It started conventionally enough, with the Tories getting in on the trend of accusing people of trying to frustrate the will of the British people.

The Lib Dems’ press office account, which likes to use Twitter to crack jokes, hit back with a picture of forlorn-looking Zac Goldsmith, who lost the Richmond Park byelection for his seat in a

It could have ended there. But the Tories have learned from the Lib Dems’ Twitter game and hit back with an just as sad-looking Nick Clegg, presumbaly taken when he sadly had to resign as party leader when the party was thoroughly trounced in last year’s General Election.

FIGHT. Twitter knew the game was afoot.

Undeterred, the Lib Dems hit back. They broke from engaging the Tories directly to respond to accusations they had been drinking.

They then sent the Tories a strong picture of David Cameron - Prime Minister just five months ago and not now even an MP.

’And?’ the Tories seemed to say in their response, which was a photo of the new prime minister who is, they presumably sought to point out, still a Tory.

Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn was unimpressed with this as a comeback.

Theresa May’s smile obscures the turmoil of the country’s politics, as the Lib Dems showed with a strong comeback: Boris Johnson and Michael Gove looking shocked as they addressed the nation after the Brexit vote.

It looked like the fight ended in stalemate.

Buzzfeed’s political editor Jim Waterson broke the omerta on speaking to ask where it had all gone so wrong.

His picture contribution recalled the smiles in Downing Street’s rose garden when the Tories and Lib Dems formed Britain’s first Coalition Government since the Second World War.

The Tories had no answer. The Lib Dems did.

Though the Lib Dems had the last word, they clearly have competition for Twitter sass.

The argument was over but it gave Tweeters fond memories after a tough year.

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