21/07/2017 10:59 BST | Updated 21/07/2017 12:09 BST

Lib Dems Want Vince Cable To 'Occupy The Gaping Hole' In Politics And It's All Kinds Of Wrong

Looks like Vince Cable's got quite the, ahem, task ahead of him.

The Liberal Democrats have well and truly set about reinvigorating their party - with a new leader, Sir Vince Cable, and a new pitch to boot.

Except, a lot more thought should probably have gone into the making of that pitch.

PA Wire/PA Images
Oh my, Vince

Speaking before his inauguration on Thursday, Cable said: “There’s a gaping hole in British politics.

“We’ve got hard right on Brexit we’ve got the hard left in charge of the Labour party. Millions of people who want moderate, common sense politics are unrepresentative and I want the Lib Dems to fill that space.”

The Lib Dems later tweeted out the sentiment.

The incredible innuendo masquerading as some sort of tagline did not go a-miss with people on Twitter.

Many couldn’t even put their feelings into words.

And those who could weren’t too keen on the idea.

Cable became the latest head of the party, following Tim Farron’s resignation soon after the UK general election, when no other candidates stood for the post by the time nominations had closed.