If 'Knackered' Sums Up Your Life Right Now, These 21 Life Hack Products Are For You

Because we could probably all do with a helping hand atm.
These time and energy saving buys will make adult life a little bit easier
These time and energy saving buys will make adult life a little bit easier

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I don’t know about you, but I’m far too tired to spend any more of my precious free time than absolutely necessary doing boring household chores. So, I’m always on the hunt for handy products that make those mundane day-to-day tasks a little easier.

From descaling balls, to silicone baking sheets, take a look at these time and energy saving aides if, like me, constantly find adult life a little bit of a slog.

This oven thermometer is ideal if you're always forgetting you've got food cooking
I've developed a lot of trust issues over the last couple of years, but the most enduring one is related to the temperature marker knobs on ovens (don't believe a word they say). This heatproof thermometer will tell you the truth when your appliances refuse to – my baker friends won't be without one.
These sealed storage bags are ideal if the thought of chopping veg becomes too much to handle during the work week
These 20 bags are reusable, and have a press-seal lock that'll ensure every last drop stays in place. More importantly, though, they won't take up the oh-so-valuable freezer space that becomes worth its weight in gold once you reach about 26.
If you're too tired to deal with hard-to-clean fat residue, these liners will soak up any excess oil
Their reflective surface will brown your food really evenly, and reviewers have been amazed by how incredibly absorbent they are! Plus, you get 10 sheets in a pack.
The thought of never wiping my ceramic hob down after cooking again sounds pretty heavenly
This ceramic hob cover roll can be cut to size and won't burn or melt when your rings are in use. It can be chucked in the washing-up bowl or dishwasher whenever it gets a bit grubby, and it prevents scruffs, scratches, and watermarks too!
I never thought I'd get excited about some frying pan-friendly scourers, but here I am
These three scratch-free scourers are the latest product to snatch my debit card from my pocket. They're suitable for use on glass, cast iron, and stainless steel, so they're perfect if you want to clean up after cooking without ruining your fave pan. They also firm up when you run them under cold water for tougher stains (ugh, the dream).
Say goodbye to teabag droplets on the floor with this nifty strainer
It's made from easy-to-clean stainless steel, and helps you squeeze out any liquid — without ripping the bag. Basically, it just looks ridiculously satisfying to use.
This nonstick crisping tray will give you crispy veggies — without having to go overboard on the oil
It works similarly to an air fryer by ensuring that heat circulates all around your food for a crispy finish. You won't need to flip your chips mid-bake thanks to this crisper, and it comes with a five-year guarantee too!
I knew I was getting older when I became *genuinely* excited by the sheer size of this bin liner roll
I was truly unprepared for how huge this roll of bin liners is (seriously, clock how strained my thumb is in the product picture). The liners themselves are really thick and leak-proof, and you get fifty in just one roll.
Keep your kettle limescale-free between deep cleans with this quick-working descaling ball
Mineral deposits will collect in between its mesh wires rather than building up in your kettle. You'll be able to remove and rinse it quickly and easily whenever you need to.
Avoid accidental bin-swapping by labelling up your ones
If your bins always end up being put back in the wrong place, then get your street name and house number printed onto these highly-rated weatherproof stickers, so it's clear that they belong to you! You get four in a pack, and the customisation process is super easy.
These protective liners will make it far easier to clean crumbs and dust out of your drawers
You won't have to spend ages trying to get the dust and stains out from your drawers or cupboard shelves with this – just remove it when it's getting a bit grubby before washing it in the sink. Plus, you can cut the sheet to size so that they're the perfect fit for your drawers.
This dehumidifier will silently remove any nasty excess moisture from the air
It contains a filter which absorbs the unnecessary dampness from your air, pooling it all into a tray at the base of this unit that you can remove for easy emptying.
Struggling to find a cover that'll keep your electric toothbrush clean? These Oral-B ones are ideal
They clip right onto the head of your Oral-B toothbrush, providing a secure and hygienic cover in no time. The pack of six should be enough for most families!
These lil' cheat sheet magnets tell you how long common ingredients will take to cook in your Instant Pot
If you've got an Instant Pot, then these three magnets will make it even easier to get the absolute most out of it. They contain the average cooking times for 45 common ingredients — including everything from pasta to broccoli!
Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate these silicone baking sheets
These non-stick sheets are a great replacement for regular baking paper, because 1) they're reusable and 2) the silicone material distributes heat much more evenly than other products (like tinfoil) do. You get two in a pack, and can simply chuck them in the dishwasher or wash them in the sink when they get grubby!
Detergent is super expensive — but thankfully, I've now swapped to this far more affordable option
It'll last you up to 720 washes (fellow adults, let's all just take a moment to appreciate that). The beads inside this thing will clean your clothes just as well as ordinary detergent does – seriously, check out the rave reviews on this thing!
Lower your dreaded electricity bills with these programmable chargers
You can program them to switch on and off whenever you like, so if you want to make absolutely sure your charger and your straighteners are off when you leave the house (who doesn't), they can be seriously useful. Just put these timers into your regular sockets and then plug your appliance into them before setting the times.
These lavender-scented sachets will make your clothes smell better and keep moths at bay
Whether you're worried that your wardrobe smells a little musty or you're keen to keep dreaded moths at bay, these lavender-scented sachets will help you out. Best of all, you get twenty in each pack.
Capable of blocking 96% of any UV rays coming through the windows, this privacy film will keep your home cool in the summer months
Great for retaining warmth in winter, and keeping your home cool in summer, this self-adhesive privacy film is easy to apply, and wont leave behind any sticky residue when removed. Simply cut it to size, peel off the backing, and then apply it to your window.
You can close the awkward gap between your hob and your countertop with these silicone strips
If you've ever experienced the *trauma* of pulling your oven out to clean it and seeing the greasy horror show underneath (i.e. me two days ago), you'll understand why these gap covers are a must-have. You get two in a pack, and they're really easy to cut to size and install.
Your clothes' colours won't run into one another when you use these Colour Catcher sheets
If you're sick of separating your washing by colour (and let's face it, who isn't), these sheets are ideal. They're really easy to use – just chuck one of the sixty sheets into your washing machine alongside your clothes, and you're good to go.