06/06/2018 15:10 BST

Lily Allen Reveals Her Divorce From Sam Cooper Has Only Just Been Finalised

The former couple are believed to have separated two years ago.

Lily Allen has discussed her split from ex-husband Sam Cooper, revealing that their divorce was finalised three days ago.

The ‘Trigger Bang’ singer is currently promoting her upcoming album ‘No Shame’ and speaking on Wednesday’s episode of ‘Loose Women’, she shared the personal update.

Lily and Sam married in 2011 and while Lily never confirmed when they separated, it is believed to have been around two years ago.

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Lily Allen

Describing making her latest album as “a bit of a weird circumstance for me”, she said: “I went through a separation and a divorce, actually, now three days – yay!

“And so, me and my husband share custody of our kids – we do a week on and a week off, which actually is really useful for my work, because when he’s got them, I can concentrate fully on my work in the studio.”

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Sam and Lily in 2015

‘No Shame’ will see Lily candidly address many aspects of her life, including her family and marriage.

Earlier this week, she posted the lyrics for ‘Apples’ on Instagram, on which she sings: “I never meant to break your heart / I’m to blame for all your pain / I never could have played that part / I had to do it baby / We were both depressed.”

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Another track, ‘Three’, is told from the imagined perspective of her children.

“It is about when I leave to go on tour for long periods of time,” she told the ‘Loose Women’ panel. ’It’s half what I imagine them to be thinking and half what I’m projecting.

“I was reading a book, I wrote the song when the kids were two and three and obviously they can’t articulate and this book is thinking about things from their perspective.

“You want to shower them with love, but then in contrast going, ‘ok bye I’m going to work now’, it must be really confusing for them.”

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