Lily Allen Shares The Reality Of Getting 'Beach Ready' When You're A Mum

What's a pedicure?

Before becoming a mum, the preparation for a holiday was almost as important as the holiday itself: bikini shopping, pedicure, fake tan.

But once you have children, getting to the airport is about as much prep as is realistically going to happen.

Now singer Lily Allen has shared the reality of getting ‘beach ready’ when you have kids to look after.

Posting a picture of her leg to Twitter, the 31-year-old said: “When you have children, you forget to do things like wax your legs and have pedicures before you go on holiday.”

The mother-of-two followed up her tweet by saying: “Actually when you have children and you travel with them, it’s not really a holiday.”

We couldn’t agree more Lily. Now someone pass us a cocktail.