Lily Allen Splits From Boyfriend Of 3 Years Meridian Dan: 'I'm Single For First Time Since I Was 15'

She and the London MC had been an item for three years.

Lily Allen has announced that she and her boyfriend of three years, Meridian Dan, have split up, claiming this marks the first time she’s been single since her teenage years.

The ‘Trigger Bang’ singer told Elizabeth Day on her ‘How To Fail’ podcast that they broke up last month, revealing the relationship became strained when she took her ‘No Shame’ tour to the US.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen
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She explained: “I’ve always had a boyfriend. I don’t, at the moment. I’m single, for the first time since I was about 15. We’ve been broken up for about three weeks.

“I’ve just come back from a tour in America, which is where I was when things went wrong with Sam [Cooper, her ex-husband and father of her two daughters], and the same thing happened in my current relationship.”

Referring to her behaviour on her ‘Sheezus’ tour, which she recently documented in her autobiography, Lily quickly added: “I mean, I didn’t take lots of drugs and have lots of sex with other people. I just became very lost.

“It’s been bad news after bad news and the fact that I haven’t called him and been like, ‘Can you come round for a cuddle?’ is big for me, because ordinarily, when things get difficult, I do need to have somebody around to share those problems.”

Meridian Dan, real name Daniel London
Meridian Dan, real name Daniel London
Tristan Fewings via Getty Images

Lily was recently forced to cancel several dates on her American tour, after receiving “truly devastating news” from home in the UK, but offered no further information at the time.

On her most recent release ‘No Shame’, Lily’s ex contributed a spoken-word introduction to the song ‘Higher’, while album cut ‘Pushing Up Daisies’ is thought to have been inspired by their relationship.


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