16/03/2017 16:32 GMT

How Lipstick Looks Under A Microscope Is Mesmerising

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The science behind beauty products never fails to amaze us. 

Which is why these images showing how lipstick looks under a microscope have left us mesmerised. 

Science educator and makeup lover, Amy Oyler looked at a range of brands - including Benefit, Tarte and Maybelline.

The slides resemble the patterns seen in candy - or galaxies, far, far away.

Oyler has always had a love of both science and beauty, but it was her 11-year-old daughter’s idea to put lipsticks under a microscope. 

“My daughter and I have been a team of science explorers since she was about three years old,” Oyler told TeenVogue

“When she started asking ‘why does this happen?’ or ‘why does this work?’ we started pursuing her questions with excitement and curiosity.”

Well, we’re sure glad you pursued your curiosity, ladies. 

Amy Oyler
Photo by Amy Oyler
Photo by Amy Oyler
Photo by Amy Oyler
Photo by Amy Oyler