New Parents – You Can Grab 20% Off Postpartum Essentials With Lola&Lykke

The popular parenting brand is marking C-Section Awareness Month with discounts off items like its Postpartum Support Band.
Lola&Lykke's Postpartum Support Band has 20% off.
Lola&Lykke's Postpartum Support Band has 20% off.

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April marks C-section Awareness Month, and Lola&Lykke has pulled out all the stops to honour the delivery method many welcome their children into the world via.

Mums who have undergone a Caesarean section, as well as those who have had a vaginal birth, can now save on all the essentials they need to look after themselves and their bodies during their pregnancy, and postpartum, with the popular parenting brand.

For the duration of April, Lola&Lykke is offering shoppers the chance to get 20% off select items.

Lola&Lykke – which was was founded in 2018 by parents Laura and Kati, after they experienced problems during their pregnancies – offers a range of products to see parents before and after their pregnancy.

The selection of support bands, which includes the Core Restore Postpartum Support Band, as well as the Core Relief Pregnancy Support Belt, are firm favourites.

The Postpartum Support Band in particular is a must have as it provides medical-grade compression on the weakened core muscles, and aims to speed up recovery from childbirth and pregnancy. It was also designed by Finnish physiotherapists, so is safe to use.

Not only does it provide support around the stomach to heal diastasis recti, which is when your growing uterus expands causing your muscles to separate, but also to alleviate any back pain.

The Postpartum Support Band, which is also suitable for those recovering after a natural births, has been designed with comfort in mind, as the band fits to your body without inhibiting any movements.

It comes in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large, to fit all body shapes comfortably.

The Postpartum Support Band is super simple to wear too, all you have to do is wrap around the target area of your stomach, and secure with the double velcro fastening.

It is free from latex, hypoallergenic and breathable, which means it is super delicate on fragile areas of the body.

The Postpartum Support Band provides medical-grade compression on the weakened core muscles.
The Postpartum Support Band provides medical-grade compression on the weakened core muscles.

The Postpartum Support Band is one of the selected items Lola&Lykke shoppers can claim 20% off of, which sees the price drop from £85 to £67, but for a limited time only.

No discount code is required to claim 20% off as it is discounted at the checkout, which makes for super simple and stress-free shopping.

While browsing Lola&Lykke – which is also famed for its bestselling breast pump, plus so much more – shoppers can save on the Hospital Bag Set, which usually retails at £271 has been slashed to £262.

While those who want to secure the Maternity Support 2-Pack, which features the Pregnancy Band and Postpartum Support Band to see you through all stages of pregnancy, can do so at a more purse-friendly £171 down from £180.

With glowing reviews, support from medical experts, and super affordable price tags, these bargain buys are not to be missed.

While on the Lola&Lykke website, you will also find tool kits, tips and tricks, expert advice from professionals, as well as real life stories from fellow parents, so rest assured you are in a safe space to share your concerns or product recommendations.

The maternity label also has a blog about all subject matters, including in-depth detail on C-sections, so you can be well informed about the surgical procedure prior to giving birth, preparation to help in advance, as well as tips on recovery, and everything in between.