Kelly Hughes is the first model in the special issue's 58-year history to reveal visible caesarean section scar.
Photographer Rodrigo Kuntsmann shares the story behind his meme-able C-section picture.
"The midwife looked to see how dilated I was, then pulled the emergency alarm."
Delivery nurse Tara Drinkard told the new mum, "Guess what? ... My sister is a twin and we are both going to be in your delivery.”
Everyone worries before their wedding – but this was different
"It was the most unrelaxing relaxing state I’d ever been in."
"It wasn’t that I didn’t want kids... I was just terrified of having them."
"I find it very difficult to hear other people share their stories."
After the natural delivery of my daughter, I spent weeks feeling like I’d been hit by a bus. For my second baby, I wasn't willing to take the risk