27/03/2017 13:22 BST | Updated 28/03/2017 10:04 BST

London Attack Prompts Restaurant Owner To Feed 300 Emergency Services Staff For Free

He wanted to support those keeping Londoners safe in the aftermath of the Westminster attack.

A restaurant owner has been praised for his kindness after feeding hundreds of members of the emergency services for free during the aftermath of the terror attack in London last week.

Ibrahim Dogus owns three Kurdish restaurants in the area, including one - Troia - just yards away from where attacker Khalid Masood drove a car through crowds on Westminster Bridge.

After the terror unfolded last Wednesday, Dogus wanted to do everything he could to support those working to keep Londoners safe.

He kept his restaurant open until 11.30pm that night and insisted on feeding the emergency workers free of charge.

Dogus estimated that he and his staff provided meals for around 300 people.

He told the Independent that the police told him to evacuate his businesses: “I went to one of the officers and said ‘I can shut all the businesses, but I want you guys and all the emergency staff to use this place for food, drinks, and for warmth for free.

“All these great people need our support. Some of them tried to give us money—one said, ‘I’m a police officer, you have to take my money.’ We said, ‘We’re not going to take any money from you.’”

Many have praised Dogus and his staff for their kindness...

Dogus, who was born into a Muslim family but does not himself practise the religion, said he felt it was important to show terrorists that Londoners will not be cowed.

He told the Evening Standard: “Being born into a Kurdish refugee family, I know what it’s like to suffer from terrorist attacks.

“I feel very strongly about being a Londoner. We came together so quickly, and we don’t and won’t ever give in to these lunatics.

“Everybody got up the next day and life went back to normal.”