London Bridge Attack: Witness Says He Threw Chairs And Pints Glasses At Attackers

'I was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs'.

A witness to the London Bridge attack has been praised after he said he began throwing things at terrorists in a desperate bid to fend them off.

A man, named as Gerard Vowls by the Guardian, said that he was in the Ship pub near Borough Market when the attack, which left seven dead and 48 injured, took place.

He said he saw a woman being stabbed by three men at the south end of London Bridge towards the market.

He said he threw chairs, glasses and bottles at the attackers in a bid to stop them.

“They were running in all the pubs and all the bars and they were stabbing everyone”, he said. “I was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs.

He added: “They were running up going ‘this is for Allah’, they ran up and stabbed this girl, I don’t know how many times, ten times, maybe 15.

“She was going ‘help me, help me’ and I could not do anything. I tried to help her, I threw something at them.

“There was a bike on the floor, I tried to pick up the chair but it was locked to it, to throw it at them, to get them away from her.”

He added: “I know it’s a silly thing to do but I was just trying to save people’s lives.”

Three male attackers were shot and killed within eight minutes of the first call to emergency services. Police say they believe they have killed all the attackers.

The attacks began just after 10pm (BST) when a van sped towards pedestrians at 50mph on the landmark bridge, scattering people across the road, leaving many injured.

The van then came to a stop at nearby Borough Market when at least three suspects began a marauding attack armed with large knives, stabbing people at random.

Members of the public who are concerned about friends and relatives should contact the police Casualty Bureau on 0800 096 1233 or 020 7158 0197.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement issued the attack was being treated as a terrorist incident and urged people to avoid the London Bridge and Borough Market area.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley also put out an appeal for anybody who has images or film of the incident to upload them here.


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