London Fashion Week Looks We Love: Richard Malone Reinventing The Stripe

It's not just about the horizontal stripe anymore.

We Love...

Richard Malone’s autumn winter 2018 fashion show at London Fashion Week moved away from conventional horizontal or vertical stripes. Instead lines ran in a variety of directions, intersecting and blurring into each other in a psychedelic fashion.

Estrop via Getty Images
Estrop via Getty Images

Why It Works

Stripes have been reinvented countless times - from interweaving them with flowers to rainbow colour-scapes - but now millennial designer Malone has given us a fresh way to wear this staple, and we love the optical illusions created by the unusual lines.

Jeff Spicer/BFC via Getty Images
Jeff Spicer/BFC via Getty Images

Follow Malone’s Lead

A quick DIY way to get this look at home is to wear layers of stripes all heading in different directions.

This works well when you layer different textures and types of stripe.

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Here are a few great options to either layer together (wear all at once if you dare) or wear alongside some more stripy or non-stripy basics.

CURVE T-Shirt In Vertical Rainbow Stripe With Elastic Hem, size available UK 18-24, £14.00, ASOS.
Calf-length dress, size available UK 6-18, £39.99, H&M.
Trousers Loose, size available UK 4-24, £24.99, H&M.

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