26/04/2016 14:36 BST | Updated 26/04/2016 14:48 BST

London Weather Sees Snow Fall Across The Capital In The Middle Of Spring

It's quite likely that Prince had nothing to do with this.

Londoners were stunned to see brief flurries of snow fall in the capital on Tuesday.

Despite the advancing Spring, temperatures in the city dipped as low as 4C leaving many commuters wishing they had wrapped up a little warmer.

The wintry conditions look likely to continue on Wednesday, with temperatures plunging as low as 2C.

Many caught the snowfall on camera...

And some even suggested Prince may have had something to do with the snowfall.

One of the late artist's best-known songs was titled 'Sometimes It Snows In April'.

Although there were warnings that runners in Sunday's London Marathon could be hit by snow, it thankfully did not materialise.

Elsewhere in the UK, Spring snowfall will allow the ski resort in the Cairngorms to remain open into May, the Press Association reported.

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures on Tuesday morning mean more than half of the 11 lifts in the Aviemore area are open for skiers and snowboarders.

In 2010, Scotland's CairnGorm Mountain remained open until June for the first time with hundreds of skiers trekking to the snow.

This year, the resort will be open until at least May 2, when staff will review the conditions.

Snow is expected to continue in higher parts of the north east of Scotland until the weekend.