5 Things You Need To Know About Lottie Tomlinson

The One Direction sibling is a star in her own right.

Lottie Tomlinson is one of the hottest stars on social media right now, with a whopping 2.6 million Instagram followers at just 17-years-old.

You've probably seen her face (or hair - she's famed for her ever-changing rainbow locks) pop up on your feeds, but there's a lot more to know than just her stunning selfies.

Read on for five facts about Lottie that make her one of the most exciting beauty industry insiders around.

1. She's Louis Tomlinson's younger sister.

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Yes, the same Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Lottie has toured with her brother and the band on their 'Where We Are' and 'On The Road Again' tours.

2. She's the new face of fashion brand Lipsy.

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It was revealed today that the platinum-haired beauty is modelling for Lipsy, showcasing the brand's new collaboration with Ariana Grande.

3. She was also the face of Ghost Girl perfume.

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Lottie made her modelling debut earlier this year when she became the face of Ghost's latest fragrance launch, Ghost Girl.

4. She's a world-famous makeup artist.

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Not only has she worked backstage at London Fashion Week, the teenager was personally invited by Selena Gomez to be the make-up artist for her 'Revival' tour.

5. She's launched a YouTube channel with Lou Teasdale.

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Lottie is teaming up with One Direction's go-to groomer, and fellow makeup artist, Lou Teasdale to launch The Book Channel - a YouTube channel dedicated to their unique hair and makeup tutorials.