09/04/2019 14:03 BST | Updated 09/04/2019 14:54 BST

Louise Minchin Left Red-Faced After Phone Goes Off During BBC Breakfast

And it played the theme to her new podcast.

If you’ve ever been at a meeting or presentation when your phone suddenly goes off, then you’ll feel Louise Minchin’s pain today.

The BBC Breakfast presenter was left with her head in her hands after her mobile went off during Tuesday morning’s live show.

Louise with her BBC Breakfast co-host Dan walker

And in what we’re sure is a pure coincidence, instead of a standard ring tone, the phone started playing the music from Louise’s new podcast.

Realising what that it was her phone, Louise said: “Goodness me, sorry. God, that is so embarrassing. How have I done that?”

Walking out of the camera shot with her phone in her hand, she said: “I’m literally going to have to walk off set.”

Her co-host Dan Walker told viewers: “She’s walking off, she’s embarrassed”, before the programme cut to a live shot in Glasgow.

He could also be heard saying: “That’s Louise’s new podcast, The TriPod.”

Louise, who is a keen triathlete, launched the new show on BBC Radio Manchester on Monday night.

She later rejoined Dan on set and told viewers: “I’m really properly embarrassed.”

The pair burst into giggles as Walker said: “It’s still going, have we managed to turn it off?”

Louise added: “How have I done that? I genuinely don’t know what I did. I apologise profusely.”

After a short segment about the Clyde Bridge in Glasgow, Dan said: “Back in the studio, Louise is still a little bit embarrassed by the fact she sat on her phone and played her own programme.”

Louise later tweeted: “Oh my gosh! My phone is out of control. #apologies I think a banning order might be in order.”

When one viewer asked her if it was a “shameless plug”, she joked: “I couldn’t have timed it better if I had actually tried to.”

She added that her phone now has a “life-time ban”.

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