05/06/2018 11:48 BST | Updated 05/06/2018 12:37 BST

'Love Island' 2018: 15 Things Every Fan Is Already Thinking After Episode 1

'How will Jack's teeth will look after Danny Dyer's been at them with a pool cue?'


The wait for the new series of ‘Love Island’ was unbearable for most fans, but the anticipation was finally over on Monday night, when 11 new singletons descended on the villa. 

And despite being in there for all of five minutes, viewers had a lot of opinions about them... 

1. Everyone was dazzled by the brightness of Jack’s teeth

2. People also spotted he looks a bit like a cross between two ‘TOWIE’ stars

3. After Dani picked Jack, fans soon questioned how her famous father would react: 

4. There was then the anticipation Danny could make a guest appearance if Dani makes the final

5. Dani and Jack’s future together has already been mapped out, though: 

6. It also turns out Niall basically has exactly the same voice as Chris from last year’s series

7. While there is something awfully familiar about Laura

8. As there is with Kendall too...

9. After Alex didn’t get picked, people knew the perfect partner for him - thing is, she appeared on last year’s series

10. Male viewers were left very intimidated by Adam and his abs

11. Although his jeans didn’t go down well with everyone

12. Hayley trying to say Eyal’s name was... well, something

13. There was then despair when neither of them knew what superficial meant

14. But most importantly, there’s already been some new catchphrases to quote

15. And now everyone is preparing never to leave the house again for eight weeks

‘Love Island’ continues on Tuesday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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