'Love Island': People Are Going In On Adam After He Ditches Rosie For Zara

They want to wipe that smirk right off his face.

‘Love Island’ fans nearly threw their TVs out of the window in a fit of rage on Tuesday night, as they witnessed Adam Collard dick over Rosie Williams yet again.

The Geordie lothario has gotten on the wrong side of viewers after he decided to ditch his partner for newcomer Zara McDermott - without even telling Rosie first.

It was left to Rosie to confront Adam in a tense showdown, when she explained how upset she had been watching him ‘get to know’ Zara throughout the day.

“I don’t think you have any idea how much you’ve hurt me and how much you’ve really upset me,” she told him, to which he could only muster a smirk.


“The worse thing is, I don’t think you actually care. You’re like stone,” she said.

After he then accussed her of being “arsey” and “having a bee in her bonnet”, she then bit back, telling him he “tricks girls” into believing they have something with him.


However, he remained nonplussed, rolling his eyes as Rosie continued to explain how upset she was.

Given this is by far from the first time Adam has had his head turned by a new Islander (remember how he ditched Kendall for Rosie when she walked in?), people had a lot to say about his latest misdemeanour.

Responses on Twitter ranged from the very, very angry...

To the hilarious...

To triggered...

Adam was not the only one upsetting the girl he’s currently coupled-up with, as Wes Nelson also had Laura Armstrong in tears after admitting his attraction to other newcomer Ellie Brown.

However, she has already locked lips with Dr Alex George, so it remains to be seen who she will decide to couple up with, and indeed whether Laura will be left as heartbroken as Rosie.

‘Love Island’ continues on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV2.

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