Love Island Unveils New Arrival AJ Bunker, And It Could Mean Bad News For Faye Winter

The latest bombshell has insisted she "wouldn't hold back" to get the man she wants.

Love Island has been rocked by the arrival of new bombshell AJ Bunker.

Fans of the ITV2 reality show saw the 28-year-old hair extension technician strut into the villa during Wednesday night’s episode, following the departure of Brad McClelland.

The boys and girls went head to head in a Stag vs. Hen challenge to decide whether the new arrival would be a man or a woman.

After the boys were triumphant, AJ made her entrance later in the evening as the lads celebrated and the girls were forced to watch on from the balcony.

New Love Island arrival Andrea-Jane Bunker
New Love Island arrival Andrea-Jane Bunker
Nat Morris/ITV

And while Faye Winter acted particularly unbothered at AJ’s entrance, sitting and filing her nails while the newcomer spoke to the lads, it seems she may actually have the most reason to worry.

Prior to entering the villa, AJ admitted she has her eye on Teddy Soares, who Faye is currently coupled up with.

“There is something about Teddy. He’s a bit of me,” she said. “In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well.”

Faye Winter might not seem bothered, but she has the most to worry about
Faye Winter might not seem bothered, but she has the most to worry about

She added that there was also “something about” both Hugo Hammond and Aaron Francis.

AJ insisted that she would be respectful to Faye, but would not hesitate in pursuing Teddy.

“I’ll definitely approach her and have a conversation beforehand. But I wouldn’t hold back,” she said.

“I feel like we all have a right to get to know the guys in there. I’ll definitely have a word with her first and would keep her updated on where everything is at really.”

AJ has got her eye on Teddy
AJ has got her eye on Teddy

However, AJ admitted she was not interested in Toby Aromolaran as he previously said he was a commitment phobe.

“My ex was a commitment phobe so no thank you, I don’t want a guy like that,” AJ said.

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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